A surge of Democratic voters set new records for straight-ticket voting in Dallas Co. Meanwhile, a drop in the number of straight-ticket Republican voters contributed to the largest-ever countywide advantage in straight-ticket voting in the modern era.

As a result, Hillary Clinton carried every Dallas Co. House district, including the eight districts won by Mitt Romney in 2012. Republican incumbents won re-election in seven of those eight districts.

Straight-ticket voting accounted for two thirds of all votes cast in Dallas Co. this general election, a slight dip from 2012 and a slight increase from 2008.

317K straight-ticket Democratic votes in this year’s general election, an increase of 9.5% over the previous record set in 2008 and nearly beaten in 2012. Dallas Co. Democrats have had a straight-ticket voting advantage countywide for every presidential election since at least 1988, the earliest election for which straight-ticket vote totals were separately reported. That advantage was less than 17K votes each election until a surge of straight-ticket Democratic voters pushed it to more than 100K in 2008. It rolled back slightly to 92K in 2012 before swelling again in 2016 to more than 134K countywide.

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