Several eastern states holding primaries this week experienced turnout below the 29.8% of registered voters who participated in the Texas primary: Connecticut (24.4%), Delaware (24.0%), New York (23.0%) and Rhode Island (24.3%). They join Louisiana (21.0%) as the only states with primary turnout below Texas, measured as number of registered voters casting ballots in the presidential primary.

Estimated 2016 Primary Turnout by State as of April 28

More Texans have voted in this year’s presidential primary than any other state’s residents:

  • 4.24 million – Texas
  • 4.05 million – Florida
  • 3.40 million – Illinois
  • 3.21 million – Pennsylvania
  • 3.15 million – Ohio

So far, Texas represents 11.6% of all Republican primary votes cast and 6.7% of all Democratic votes cast.

Five states held primaries on Tuesday, representing 267 delegates. A total of 2.4 million people cast Republican ballots in those states, averaging 8,900 voters per delegate. In the Texas primary, more than 2.8 million people cast Republican ballots, averaging 18,269 voters per the state’s 155 delegates.

Because most of Pennsylvania’s delegates are uncommitted, we examine just Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Rhode Island. In those four states, Donald Trump received 442K votes, giving him 77 delegates (~5,750 votes per delegate). In Texas, Ted Cruz received about 1.24M votes, earning him 104 delegates (11,915 votes per delegate). Trump received 71% more votes in Texas than he did in the four smaller eastern states, but he received 29 fewer delegates in Texas than in those states.