A mailer sent to SD24 voters includes an “endorsement” from Dangerous Refugees for King, which of course does not exist. The “group” thanks Rep. Susan King (R-Abilene) for “really open[ing] Texas’s door for us dangerous refugees … and even vot[ing] against more border security.” It is the latest in a series of negative ads aimed at King.

A recent television ad from the Dawn Buckingham campaign also features the theme that King is not conservative as it highlights Buckingham’s opposition to Obamacare, because “she knew it was a disaster.”

Jon Cobb, who finished third in the primary and has endorsed King, has recorded what we expect is a robocall message in support of King. He asks voters to join the National Rifle Assoc. and “many other conservatives” supporting King. We would have included a mailer or ad from the King campaign but were unable to locate any online.

Meanwhile, a pair of recently conducted polls shared with us indicate Buckingham has a double-digit lead over King, either 46%-30% or 58%-31%, among self-identified likely Republican runoff voters.

The first poll has a stated margin of error of ±5.62% on a sample size of 300. Nearly a quarter of voters are undecided. The second poll has a stated margin of error of ±4.3% and oversampled voters 65 and over, who comprised nearly two thirds of the sample. It found just 11% of voters are undecided.

Disclosure: Jeff Blaylock, publisher of Texas Election Source, is a recent patient of Dr. Dawn Buckingham.