Tomorrow is the special runoff election between Pleasanton retired game warden Pete Flores (R) and former Rep. and U.S. Rep. Pete Gallego (D-Alpine). The winner will serve the remainder of former Sen. Carlos Uresti’s (D-San Antonio) unexpired term, which runs through 2020.

Pete Gallego


Pete Flores


We spoke with election officials in every county today and received early voting numbers from all but Val Verde Co. Early voting numbers across SD19 indicate turnout will be greater than the July 31 special election, but it is likely that fewer than 10% of registered voters will participate.

The number of votes cast early for the runoff is already higher than the total number of votes cast, early and on Election Day, for the special election in six of the district’s 17 counties:

  • Medina Co. turnout is already 25% above the special election’s total turnout
  • Crockett Co. turnout is already 21% above the special election
  • Zavala Co. turnout is already 16% above the special election
  • Real Co. turnout is already 11% above the special election
  • Atascosa Co. turnout is already 7% above the special election; and
  • Bexar Co. turnout* is at least 1% above the special election.

Runoff early turnout is already at least 80% of the total special election turnout in seven more counties. Turnout in the remaining counties is likely to eclipse the special election once Election Day voters are counted.

Importantly, Flores finished ahead of Gallego in five of the six counties where turnout has already exceeded the number of votes cast in the special election. Flores received a majority vote in Medina (69%), Real (69%) and Atascosa (64%) Cos. Flores edged out Gallego in Crockett Co. by 10 votes. Flores finished ahead of Gallego in Bexar Co., but both finished behind Rep. Roland Gutierrez’s (D-San Antonio) 33% there.

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