Corpus Christi: Former council member Mark Scott is eligible to run for mayor in the May 6 special election and must be included on the ballot, the a three-judge panel of the 13th Court of Appeals ruled. “The plain language of the City Charter supports Scott’s contention” that he did not serve a full four terms and thus is eligible under the city’s term limits ordinance. Scott resigned in September, before his final two-year term ended, to be able to run for mayor in 2018. Had he completed his term, he would have been ineligible until 2022. The city council determined that his early resignation did not keep him from terming out and thus being ineligible to run this year. The city could appeal the decision to the state Supreme Court, but several council members appeared unfavorable toward doing so. A new ballot drawing will be held Monday morning.

Realtors’ Endorsements: Via a series of tweets, the Texas Assoc. of Realtors’ TREPAC released endorsements for local elections in four Metroplex-area cities.

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