Early Voting continues for the May 6 elections in jurisdictions holding them.

Redistricting: At a status conference today (Thursday) in San Antonio, U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia said the court would issue an order Monday setting a schedule for further proceedings and “covering several matters that have been raised today.” Plaintiffs are expecting a trial on the 2013 maps to begin by August, which would necessarily mean concurrent paths for any appeals on rulings made against the 2011 maps and the application of those rulings toward the 2013 maps. The three-judge panel has found intentional constitutional and Voting Rights Act violations on maps drawn in 2011 for Congress and the Texas House of Representatives, but those maps were never used. Interim maps were drawn by the court and revised by the Legislature in 2013.

HD60: Freshman Rep. Mike Lang (R-Granbury) is taking heat from a movement conservative group that once celebrated his challenge to former Rep. Jim Keffer (R-Eastland). The reason?

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