We previously covered the 30-day-out reports for most competitive and potentially competitive House races. Since we published it, we became aware of a mistake with HD144. We erroneously used Rep. Gilbert Peña’s (R-Pasadena) July semiannual report in our analysis. We have corrected it. Rep. Peña’s 30-day-out report is not yet available on the Texas Ethics Commission’s website. We are also waiting for the 30-day-out report of Marisa Yvette Garcia-Utley, who is challenging Rep. J.M. Lozano (R-Kingsville) in HD43.

In this post, we look at some of the other reports that attracted our interest.

RRC: Former Rep. Wayne Christian (R-Center) raised just under $200K between July 1 and September 29, most of any statewide candidate and more than any other two statewide candidates combined. Christian has $130K on hand. What is particularly interesting about the race is the report of Libertarian candidate Mark Miller, who raised over $71K. Rarely do minor party candidates raise significant amounts of campaign cash. Miller’s largest contributors were Austin software engineer Michael Chastain ($30K) and Woodland, Calif.-based agribusinessman Chris Rufer ($20K). Green candidate Martina Salinas reported less than $1K in contributions, Democrat Grady Yarbrough reported no contributions, no expenditures and no cash on hand.

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