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A few things we wanted to share with you to end this election week:

  • Rep. Ron Reynolds has been convicted on 6 counts of misdemeanor solicitation of professional employment. These are lesser charges than the felony barratry charges he was facing. A felony conviction could have disqualified him from serving his term. However, he still faces a maximum sentence of one year in prison. The sentencing phase of his hearing will begin Monday.
  • Our preliminary analysis of election returns suggests that voters cast straight-ticket votes at a record pace for a gubernatorial election. Three out of every five votes cast was straight-ticket, and Republicans received 60% of those votes, according to data received from 90 counties accounting for 87% of all votes cast. This is the highest usage of straight-ticket votes in a gubernatorial cycle in the modern era, according to our estimates:
    • 1994: 35% of all votes cast were straight-ticket
    • 1998: 46%
    • 2002: 48%
    • 2006: 42%
    • 2010: 56%
    • 2014: 60%
  • Our preliminary analysis of the Hispanic/Latino vote suggests that Greg Abbott performed 3 percentage points better than Rick Perry in 2010 in the 26 counties with a voting-age population that is at least 60% Hispanic/Latino. Abbott received 39% of the vote in those counties. In 2010, Perry received 36%. Statewide, Abbott appears to have received around 42% of the Hispanic/Latino vote, according to exit polling data.
  • Our preliminary analysis of national turnout suggests Texas was in the bottom three — if not the bottom — in mid-term election turnout. Just shy of a third of registered voters cast ballots in Texas.
  • HD123: Roger Gary, who ran as a Libertarian for Railroad Commission in 2010, has filed paperwork with the Texas Ethics Commission to raise and spend money as a candidate for what is expected to be a special election for Rep. Mike Villarreal’s seat. Melissa Aguillon filed her campaign treasurer appointment paperwork in July.
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