A few things we wanted to share with you today:

Cascos Tapped. Governor-elect Greg Abbott appointed Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos to be the next Secretary of State. Cascos, a Republican, won re-election last week with 54% of the vote and will begin a new term as county judge on January 1. Once he resigns, the commissioner’s court will appoint a replacement to serve until the 2016 general election. All four commissioners are Democrats.

Capriglione Backing Straus. Conservative Rep. Giovanni Capriglione reportedly told a stunned audience he would vote for Speaker Straus at a meeting of the Northeast Tarrant Tea Party. Reps. Matt Krause and Jonathan Stickland, and Rep.-elect Tony Tinderholt, reiterated their intent to vote for Rep. Scott Turner. Capriglione was unopposed for re-election this year.

Battleground Texas Staying. In a blog post, Executive Director Jenn Brown pledged an extensive review of the group’s efforts, including determining why voters the group contacted did not vote. She added that she looks forward to continuing the group’s efforts “because we have work to do.” The complete post can be read at http://www.battlegroundtexas.com/blog/a-letter-to-battleground-texas-supporters.