Not all of the votes have been counted from last night’s primary runoff elections. Military overseas ballots are still eligible to be counted for the next few days. In addition, voters who cast provisional ballots have until Monday to present identification or have their registration verified by county election officials. Neither of these sets of votes is expected to move needles, but they can make close races even closer. Recounts may also be requested in several races.

At least one other legislative district is not yet finished voting for a representative, and a domino effect of changes on the general election ballot could be a real possibility in Harris Co.

In election-weary Bexar Co., there is still no current state representative in HD120 although there is now clarity on who is likeliest to hold the office in 2017. Barbara Gervin-Hawkins won the Democratic primary runoff over Mario Salas. An August 2 runoff between independent Laura Thompson and Democrat Lou Miller will decide who will fill the rest of former Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon’s term. Thompson is attempting to be the first independent elected to the legislature since 1932. She finished ahead of three Democrats in the special election. Thompson has filed paperwork for an independent candidacy in November.

Elections Held in Bexar Co. Since January 2014

May 2016 – HD120 special election (2,048 votes cast) | local election day (15,686)
March 2016 – Primary Election (248,777)
January 2016 – HD118 special runoff election (3,589)

November 2015 – HD118 special election (6,514) | constitutional amendment election (78,121)
June 2015 – mayoral runoff election (98,350)
May 2015 – local election date (97,697)
April 2015 – HD124 special runoff election (2,421)
March 2015 – HD124 special election (1,961)
February 2015 – SD26 special runoff election (23,526)  HD123 special runoff election (8,120)
January 2015 – SD26 special election (19,019) | HD123 special election (7,105)

December 2014 – local runoff election (3,062)
November 2014 – General Election (304,092)
June 2014 – local runoff election (3,041)
May 2014 – Primary Runoff Election (52,659)
May 2014 – local election date (32,005)
March 2014 – Primary Election (109,473)

In Harris Co., Democratic precinct chairs will choose a replacement nominee for the late Comm. El Franco Lee at a June 25 meeting. Sen. Rodney Ellis is among at least six people vying for the nomination. If Ellis were selected, several current House members – all themselves running generally unopposed for re-election – would be interested in replacing Ellis on the ballot, and a group of Democratic precinct chairs would make that selection. If one of them were selected, yet another group of Democratic precinct chairs would select a new nominee for the House seat.

This potential game of musical chairs must end by August 25, the last day a party can name a replacement nominee for the general election ballot.