Yesterday (Wednesday) was the deadline for state officeholders and candidates to file their January semiannual campaign finance reports, disclosing contributions received and expenditures made between July 1 and December 31, or a shorter period if the campaign committee was formed after July 1.

In this report, we examine the three special runoff elections, their subsequent primary elections and contested primary races involving legislative incumbents.

With few exceptions, incumbents greatly out-raised their challengers and have significant, often exponential, advantages in cash on hand. Reps. Alma Allen (D-Houston) and Harold Dutton (D-Houston) were out-raised by their challengers, the latter entirely because of a transfer from his challenger’s city campaign account.

Special Runoff Elections

HD28 special: Democrat Eliz Markowitz out-raised Republican Gary Gates, $244K to $25K, between October 27 and December 31, but Gates outspent her, $323K to $240K. Markowitz has a $118K to $60K advantage in cash on hand. Gates increased his loan principal by nearly $500K to $1.5M. Schell Hammel, who filed in the Republican primary but not the special election, raised $4K.

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