Eight-day-out campaign finance reports were due yesterday for state and legislative candidates (and some local candidates) with general election opponents. The reports cover contributions received and expenditures made between September 29 and October 29. From this point to the election, any additional contributions must be reported on a daily basis.

We reported earlier on key House races. Here we note other reports that caught our attention.

Wayne Christian


Mark Miller


RRC open: Former Rep. Wayne Christian (R-Center) raised $91K and spent $131K for the period. His Democratic challenger, perennial candidate Grady Yarbrough, raised and spent nothing, but Libertarian Mark Miller raised $26K and spent $73K. For the 2015-16 cycle, Miller has raised a total of $125K, more than any other statewide challenger or open-seat candidate on the general election ballot.

SC5: Incumbent Justice Paul Green narrowly out-raised Judge Dori Contreras Garza by less than $1K but maintains a $44K advantage in cash on hand. Garza accounted for 93% of all contributions received by the six Democratic statewide judicial candidates and has 89% of all their cash on hand.

Senate: Despite having largely token or minor party opposition, incumbent senators and open seat candidate Dawn Buckingham raised a combined $1.2M in the last month. Their opponents combined raised $16K.

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