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¡Feliz cinco de mayo!

Attached please find our latest update. It includes the information we published earlier today, with one adjustment to Gordy Bunch’s expenditures (We originally overlooked a small amount of expenditures made from his COH account.). Highlights include:
  • SD4 8-day-out reports are in. We take an early peek inside the numbers.
  • SD4 early voting continues. We break down the totals so far.
  • A national group is spending money in Conroe opposing a Tea Party-backed proposition to ban red light cameras.
  • TLR, Empower Texans placing some big bets, often opposing, in the runoffs.
  • Patterson endorses Dewhurst, Sitton.
  • Branch and Paxton trade endorsement announcements.
  • Updated Senate Crib Sheet for SD4 reports.
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