Saturday is Election Day for jurisdictions holding municipal, school district, special district, bond and/or special elections. Early voting ended yesterday (Tuesday) in most jurisdictions.

Turnout: As we have previously mentioned, there is no requirement for counties to report early voting turnout for the May uniform election, so information is spotty. We have pulled together some reports from around the state:

  • Amarillo: Early voting turnout exceeded was the highest in at least four municipal election cycles. Turnout in early voting is just over 6% of registered voters.
  • Bexar Co.: Nearly 69K people voted early in person in the San Antonio, which surpassed the early voting total in 2015, resulting in turnout of less than 7% of registered voters.
  • Dallas Co.: About 57K people have voted early in person or by mail, which puts early voting turnout below 5% of all registered voters in the county. Around 40% of those early voters cast ballots in Dallas council elections.

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