Tomorrow (Friday) is the deadline for candidates to file for most municipal and other local offices on the May 6 uniform election ballot. A few local jurisdictions have other deadlines. In general, candidates have one week to withdraw from their respective races after the filing deadline.

Beaumont: Mayoral challenger Hani Tohme has been disqualified by the city attorney and city clerk for failing to register to vote in Beaumont in a timely manner. His candidacy was challenged by Mayor Becky Ames, who is seeking re-election, after it was determined that Tohme registered to vote at an address in Beaumont about three weeks ago. That registration would not become effective until after the filing deadline, which would disqualify him under Section 141.001, Texas Election Code. No other candidate has filed against Ames.

Irving: Mayor Beth Van Duyne announced she would not seek re-election to a third term. Three candidates have previously announced for the race: public relations executive Elvia Espino, banker and Irving Hispanic Chamber board chairman J.C. Gonzalez and tech CEO David Pfaff. Van Duyne has been mentioned as a possible senior-level appointee to the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development. She garnered headlines for her outspoken positions on Shaira Law, sanctuary cities and Islamic immigrants. She was also one of the few sitting mayors to endorse Donald Trump.

Killeen: Army veteran Larry Smith has filed for the open D2 seat. Smith came in third in the 2016 Republican primary for the open HD54 seat, receiving 21% of the vote despite being significantly outspent by the other two candidates. Incumbent Dick Young withdrew earlier this week.

Pasadena: The city will not fight an appellate court ruling ordering it to revert to a single-member district plan for the May 6 election, but it will continue to appeal a lower court decision that determined its current redistricting plan intentionally discriminated against Hispanic/Latino residents and placing the city under federal pre-clearance provisions.

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