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Texas Election Source provides live returns and analysis for every general, primary, runoff and special election for federal, state and legislative office in Texas, plus key local elections. Here is an example of the content of these updates, which were sent via email every 15-20 minutes after polls closed and results first became available. We are often faster than publicly available outlets, such as the Texas Secretary of State, so our subscribers often hear it first!

General Election Update – 7:15 p.m.


Dallas Co.
HD102: Koop 54-46
HD105: Anderson 52-48 (1,061 vote margin)
HD107: Neave 50.04-49.96 (29 votes margin)
HD112: Button 57-43
HD113: Burkett 55-45
HD114: Villalba 56-41
HD115: Rinaldi 51-49
Democrats have 93K vote advantage in straight-ticket voting

Harris Co.
HD126: Roberts 59-39
HD134: Davis 52-45
HD135: Elkins 56-44
HD137: Wu 66-31
HD144: Perez 58-42
HD149: Vo 62-38
HD150: Swanson 64-36

Bexar Co.
HD117: Cortez 51-49 (850 vote margin)
HD118: Uresti 54-46
HD120: Gervin-Hawkins 78-22

Denton Co.
HD64: Stucky 62-38
HD65: Simmons 57-43

Tarrant Co.
HD92: Stickland 56-39
HD93: Krause 61-39
HD95: Collier 76-24
HD96: Zedler 57-43
HD97: Goldman 57-40
HD98: Capriglione 75-25
HD101: Turner 67-33
Arlington Stadium Prop: For 60-40

General Election Update – 8:15 p.m.

CNN calls Texas for Trump.


PRES: Trump 53-44
RRC: Christian 54-39 (Miller at 4.9%)
SC3: Lehrmann 56-39
SC5: Green 55-41
SC9: Guzman 56-40
CCA2: Keel 56-40 over lone D incumbent
CCA5: Walker 56-40
CCA6: Keasler 56-41

Hurd 50, Gallego 45
Just 10 counties reporting, not incl. El Paso (see below)

El Paso Co.
PRES: Clinton 69-26
CD23: Gallego 82-15 (9,144 votes – about 3/4 Hurd’s margin in Bexar Co.)
HD78: Moody 63-37

Galveston Co.
PRES: Trump 62-34
HD23: Faircloth 52-48
Does not include heavily Republican Chambers Co.

Hidalgo Co.
PRES: Clinton 68-28
HD40: Canales 74-26
HD41: Guerra 56-44
Health Care Dist. Prop.: No 73-27

General Election Update – 9:05 p.m.

Statewide, 13% of precincts are reporting. A number of smaller and rural counties have not reported any numbers.

5 House incumbents currently trailing, 1 statewide Democratic official trailing

PRES: Trump 52-45
CD23: Hurd 50-46
RRC: Christian 53-40, Miller at 4.90%

Dallas Co.
HD102: Koop 55-45 (45% reporting)
HD105: Anderson 51.5-48.5 (26% reporting)
HD107: Neave 50.1-49.9 — 86-vote margin (21% reporting)
HD113: Burkett 55-45 (23% reporting)
HD115: Rinaldi 51-49 — 876-vote margin (20% reporting)

Harris Co.
HD134: Davis 53-44 (21% reporting)
HD144: Perez 58-42 (1 pct reporting)

Bexar Co.
HD117: Cortez 51-49 — 1,232-vote margin (34% reporting)
HD118: Uresti 55-45 (28% reporting)
HD120: Gervin-Hawkins 77-23 (25% reporting)

General Election Update – 7:30 p.m.


Harris Co.: Clinton 54-43
Dallas Co.: Clinton 61-35
Tarrant Co.: Trump 53-43
Bexar Co.: Clinton 53-41
Travis Co.: Clinton 68-27
Denton Co.: Trump 59-37
Collin Co.: Trump 56-38

Collin Co.
HD33: Holland 63-35
HD66: Shaheen 58-39
HD67: Leach 57-39
HD70: Sanford 68-29
HD89: Laubenberg 64-33

Bexar Co.
CD23: Hurd 54-40

Travis Co.
HD46: Dukes 72-18
HD47: Workman 53-43
HD50: Israel 66-34
Sheriff: Hernandez 62-31
CC3: Daugherty 50.2-49.8 (393 vote margin)

General Election Update – 7:45 p.m.


Fort Bend Co.
Democrats have slight edge in straight-ticket voting. Republicans had 11K-vote advantage 4 years ago.
PRES: Clinton 51-46
HD26: Miller 59-41
HD27: Reynolds 68-32
HD85: Stephenson 54-46

Harris Co.
Sheriff: Gonzalez 52-48
DA: Ogg 54-46
HISD Prop: No 64-36

Williamson Co.
PRES: Trump 51-42
HD136: Dale 54-46

Bell Co.
PRES: Trump 55-40
HD54: Blankenship 50.1-49.9 (67-votes)
Keep in mind that HD54 also includes heavily Republican Lampasas Co.

Galveston, Hidalgo and Montgomery Cos. not posting early vote numbers until all their polling locations are closed.

El Paso Co. polls close at 8 p.m. CST.

General Election Update – 8:30 p.m.

In Austin, incumbent Don Zimmerman trails Jimmy Flannigan, 58-42.

Election Day results are beginning to trickle in.

Gallego 48.4, Hurd 46.9
A number of key counties, including Republican Medina Co. and Democratic Val Verde Co., have not reported any numbers.

General Election Update – 8:45 p.m.

Trump leads Clinton by around 7 points right now, but there are an awful lot of counties that haven’t reported any results where Republican vote percentages resemble West Texas speed limit signs, so expect his lead to grow. Libertarian Johnson at 2.8%, most ever for a Libertarian candidate in Texas.

CD23: Hurd 50-45 (7% reporting, but some counties still not reporting early vote)

RRC: Christian 52-40. Libertarian Mark Miller at 4.98%. Needs 5% to guarantee the party ballot access for 2018.

HD43: Lozano 66-34
Includes Kleberg and San Patricio Cos. Excludes Republican-leaning Bee and heavily Democratic Jim Wells Cos.

Dallas Co.
HD102: Koop 55-45 (11% reporting)
HD105: Anderson 52-48 (early voting only)
HD107: Neave 50.3-49.7 (6% reporting)
HD112: Button 57-43 (8% reporting)
HD113: Burkett 55-45 (early voting only)
HD114: Villalba 56-41 (1 precinct reporting)
HD115: Rinaldi 51-49 (early voting only)

Harris Co.
HD134: Davis 53-44 (21% reporting)
HD144: Perez 58-42 (1 precinct reporting)

Bexar Co.
HD117: Cortez 51-49 (5% reporting)
HD118: Uresti 54-46 (1 precinct reporting)
HD120: Gervin-Hawkins 78-22 (5% reporting)

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General Election Update – 9:40 p.m.

CD23: Hurd doing surprisingly well in Val Verde Co., down just 700 votes despite 1,300-vote straight-ticket disadvantage there. Gallego carried the county with 60% of the vote in 2014. Has 52% now. Overall, Hurd up 50-45.

Dallas Co.
HD102: Koop 55-45 (85% reporting)
HD105: Anderson 51-49 — 984-vote lead (54%) — Meza leading among Election Day voters
HD107: Neave 50.7-49.3 — 684-vote lead (54%)
HD113: Burkett 55-45 (58%)
HD115: Rinaldi 51-49 1,392-vote lead (55%)

Harris Co.
HD134: Davis 54-43 (76%)
HD144: Perez 59-41 (60%)

Bexar Co.
HD117: Cortez 51-48 — 1,526-vote lead (61%)
HD118: Uresti 55-45 (37%)
HD120: Gervin-Hawkins 77-23 (35%)

HD23: Faircloth narrowly winning Galveston Co. No results yet from heavily Republican Chambers Co.

General Election Update – 10:30 p.m.

Trump’s lead has stretched to 9 points, 52.6-43.5, with 50% of precincts reporting.

Libertarian RRC candidate Mark Miller at 5.04% with 50% of precincts reporting. Needs 5% to give party automatic access to 2018 ballot. He will not fare as well in the more rural counties, some of which have not reported any results yet.

Bexar Co.
HD117: Cortez 51-49 — 1,171 vote lead (78% reporting)
HD118: Uresti 55-45 (52%)
HD120: Gervin-Hawkins 77-23 (52%)

Fort Bend Co.
Straight-party: Democratic 50.0-48.6
PRES: Clinton 50.4-46
HD26: Miller 59-41 (98% reporting)
HD27: Reynolds 68-32 (83%)
HD85: Stephenson 53-47 (96%)

Williamson Co.
HD136: Dale 55-45 — unclear how many PCTs are out

General Election Update – 10 p.m.

Trump 52-44

RRC: Christian 53-39 | Libertarian Miller at 4.99%

Five House incumbents — Galindo, Lujan, Peña, Sheets and L. Thompson — continue to trail. R. Anderson continues to hold a narrow lead.

Statewide Democrat CCA judge Meyers is trailing.

Hurd continues to lead. All other Congressional races easily being won by incumbents or open seat candidate of incumbent’s party.

Hidalgo Co.
HD40: Canales 74-26 (76% reporting)
HD41: Guerra 57-43 (59%)
Health Dist. Prop: No 72-28

Bexar Co.
HD117: Cortez 51-49 — 1,171 vote lead (78%)
HD118: Uresti 55-45 (52%)

Dallas Co.
HD105: Anderson 50.7-49.3 — 633 vote lead (74%)
HD107: Neave 50.9-49.1 — 881 vote lead (77%)
HD115: Rinaldi 51-49 — 1,177 vote lead (77%)

Harris Co.
HD144: Perez 59-41 (73%)

General Election Update – 10:45 p.m.

Dallas Co.
HD102: Koop 55-45 (1 box out)
HD105: Anderson 50.3-49.7 — 258 vote lead (9 boxes out)
HD107: Neave defeats Sheets, 50.8-49.2 — 852-vote margin
HD115: Rinaldi 51-49 — 1,240 vote lead (1 box out)

Bexar Co.
HD117: Cortez 51-49 — 1,223 vote lead (5 boxes out)
HD118: Uresti 55-45 (19 boxes out)

Harris Co.
HD134: Davis 54-43 (6 boxes out)
HD144: Perez 60-40 (3 boxes out)

Hurd holding on to just shy of 5 point lead

Our live updates continued until 1:25 a.m., when we signed off with this summary:

General Election Update – 1:25 a.m.

CD23: Gallego has conceded. Hurd leads by 4,422 votes with 97% reporting. Hurd received 15K more votes than Canseco in 2012. Gallego received less than 2K more votes than he did in 2012.

So, our last update tonight ends with this summary:

  • Republicans swept the statewide offices, extending their streak to 133 consecutive statewide race wins (including presidential races). The lone statewide Democrat, who switched parties in 2013, was defeated.
  • Trump leads Clinton by 8 points, the smallest margin for a Republican presidential candidate since 1996.
  • Clinton is within 0.1% of her husband’s 1996 performance and Obama’s 2008 performance.
  • Libertarian Gary Johnson sets the record for a Libertarian presidential candidate with 3%.
  • The Libertarians are poised to secure guaranteed access to the ballot in 2018 as RRC candidate Mark Miller is at 5.26% with 95% of precincts reporting. The Green Party did not qualify.
  • Five House incumbents were defeated: Galindo (HD117), Lujan (HD118), Peña (HD144), Sheets (HD107) and L. Thompson (HD120). This is the same number as in 1992, 2004 and 2008.
  • Texas set a record for total number of votes cast in a presidential election.
  • Trump appears to have done no worse, and potentially better, than Romney in counties with Hispanic/Latino majority populations.

Have a good night, and we’ll have a postmortem sometime tomorrow.

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