Note: This report has been updated to correct the names of two contributors to the Jon Francis campaign (HD60). For whatever reason, our initial sorting of contributions on his report mis-aligned the contributor names and amounts. Farris and Jo Ann Wilks each contributed $250K, not the two individuals we originally listed. We regret the error.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was the deadline for state officeholders and candidates to file their January semiannual campaign finance reports, disclosing contributions received and expenditures made between July 1 and December 31, or a shorter period if the campaign committee was formed after July 1.

In this report, we examine open legislative seat races and some of the seats potentially in play in November.

Rep. Roland Gutierrez

Rep. Roland

Sen. Pete Flores

Sen. Pete

SD19: Rep. Roland Gutierrez (D-San Antonio) narrowly out-raised Sen. Pete Flores (R-Pleasanton), $189K to $185K, and outspent him, $201K to $55K. Flores has two key advantages: a 3-to-1 advantage in cash on hand over Gutierrez, $327K to $109K, and no primary opponents. Xochil Peña Rodriguez led Gutierrez’s primary rivals with $56K in contributions, $63K in expenditures, $106K in cash on hand and $125K in loan principal. Freddy Ramirez raised $18K and spent $11K. Belinda Shvetz’s report was not yet available.

HD10 open: Ryan Pitts out-raised Jake Ellzey, $176K to $104K, and outspent him, $118K to $53K. Pitts has a slight edge in cash on hand, $61K to $48K. Zack Rader, the third Republican in the race, reported no contributions.

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