State candidates and officeholders were required to file their July semiannual campaign finance reports yesterday (Monday). These reports include contributions received and expenditures made between the last date covered by a report and June 30. The reporting period began:

  • January 1 for candidates who were unopposed in the primary election
  • February 25 for candidates who had primary opposition and did not go to a runoff
  • May 13 for candidates who had runoff opposition; or
  • June 22 for candidates in the SD19 special election.

Our Crib Sheets have been updated with the latest numbers. We have not yet looked at reports filed by most Libertarian and independent candidates or by candidates who are not involved in the general election. We will get to those shortly.

Here we look at key legislative races. Our statewide candidate report will follow shortly.


SD10: Sen. Konni Burton (R-Colleyville) out-raised Democratic challenger Beverly Powell, $342K to $266K, albeit over a longer period of time (Powell had a primary opponent.). Burton has out-raised Powell, $670K to $501K, over the entire 2017-18 election cycle, and Burton has a $528K to $141K advantage in cash on hand.

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