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Attached please our latest installment in a series of analyses examining the political climate of Texas and its implications on statewide races. Today’s installment focuses on the rise of straight-ticket Republican voting.

In lieu of a regular update for today, we note a few highlights from the campaign trail today:

  • SEN: Politifact says Alameel’s claim that he lived in a colonia is false. He lived in a place called La Colonia.
  • GOV: The Abbott campaign released a humorous video showing self-identified Davis supports struggling to come up with her legislative accomplishments. Meanwhile, his office conceded a recent ruling makes it “challenging” to get records on chemical safety, an issue upon which the Davis campaign has pounced.
  • LTGOV: NBC News’ Chuck Todd placed this race on his “most overlooked” list, speculating that it will be closer than the GOV race.
  • HD144: Planned Parenthood endorsed Rep. Mary Ann Perez.
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