Results from the Secretary of State’s office are still short a few precincts (mainly from Brooks, Cameron and Fannin Cos.), but we can draw several conclusions from last night’e election.

For all the talk of Texas turning blue, it got significantly redder. Republicans swept the statewide offices for the 10th consecutive general election (gubernatorial and presidential) and picked up one congressional seat, the Senate seat belonging to gubernatorial nominee Wendy Davis and three House seats.
Exit polling reveals that the Democrats’ strategy of courting women and Hispanic/Latino voters failed to achieve the desired levels of support. Davis lost the women vote, 54-45, and won the Hispanic/Latino vote by just 11 points, 55-44. Among Hispanic/Latino men, the race was a dead heat. Davis’s advantage among young voters — statistical ties in the 18-29 and 30-44 age groups — was far below Obama’s in 2008.
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