Statewide office-holders not on the ballot in 2016, led by Gov. Greg Abbott ($7.1 million raised, $22.5 million on hand) and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick ($2.1 million raised, $7.6 million on hand) raised more than $11.6 million and have $42 million on hand, much more than candidates actually running in 2016, Candidates on the 2016 ballot raised $1.35 million and reported $3.4 million on hand. Half of that cash-on-hand total belonged to one person.

Gary Gates

Gary Gates

RRC: A $2 million dollar loan, coupled with the unexpected withdrawal of the incumbent, gives Gary Gates 97% of the cash on hand among the seven Republican candidates. Four reported having $0 on hand, and three candidates’ only expenditures were filing fees. Commissioner David Porter raised $435K and reported having $1.2 million on hand, but he is not seeking re-election. John Greytok received $102K in contributions, which was 98% of contributions reported by the candidates, but not enough to separate him from the other candidates in terms of reaching a statewide electorate.

SC3: Justice Debra Lehrmann’s $333K raised put her over the half million mark for the cycle. Challenger Michael Massengale raised $251K, and he has a $72K advantage in cash on hand.

SC5: Justice Paul Green has a $132K advantage in cash on hand, and he has out-raised challenger Rick Green early 3-to-1 overall. Challenger Green out-raised incumbent Green, $127K to $114K, from July 1 to December 31, but only after accounting for a $29K in-kind donation from the candidate (“Dvds & books to hand out at campaign events”).

SC7: Justice Eva Guzman has a $385K advantage in cash on hand and reported $191K in contributions. Challenger Joe Pool raised $2.5K.

CCA: Three candidates — Sid Harle (CCA5), Mary Lou Keel (CCA2) and Ray Wheless (CCA2) — reported raising more than $50K.