Campaign finance reports covering either the last six months of 2016 or, for candidates who had a contested general election, the period from October 29 to the end of the year, were due Tuesday. We have begun to incorporate those fundraising numbers into our Crib Sheets. Yesterday, we touched briefly on the statewide official and senators’ campaign finance reports.

Today, we make a few notes on the House figures we’ve digested so far:

  • House incumbents reported at least $39.8M on hand as of the end of 2016, not including the amounts held Rep. James White (R-Hilister), whose reported total of $0 is likely in error, and Rep. Ron Reynolds (D-Missouri City), whose report is not available. This is $3.9M more than the 150 incoming House members held at the end of 2014.
  • Nearly three quarters of returning representatives reported more cash on hand this year than two years ago.
  • Speaker Joe Straus (R-San Antonio) reported nearly $10.4M on hand, highest ever reported for a House speaker.

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