• GOV: The complicated accounting structure used by the Davis campaign once again produced numbers that do not synch with its press releases. This time, the amount she raised is over what her campaign said she raised because of transfers and in-kind contributions from other accounts. This was money she raised previously, but we did not reflect in the Crib Sheet, because it was raised for PACs beyond normal campaign accounts. Thus, our Crib Sheet shows Davis out raising Abbott for the period, which is true in the literal sense, but only because of transfers and in kind contributions from Battleground Texas and Texas Victory Committee.
    • Adding the cash on hand of Battleground Texas ($474K) and Texas Victory Committee ($1.9M), Davis claims $5.7 million on hand. Our Crib Sheet shows $3.3M, which is the combined cash on hand of her COH and SPAC accounts.
    • Greg Abbott has a 5-to-1 advantage in cash on hand.
  • LTGOV: Sen. Leticia Van de Putte is the only other statewide Democrat to be competitive in terms of funds raised and cash on hand
  • SD10: Libby Willis has more than a 2-to-1 lead in cash on hand and raised more than twice as much as Konni Burton. However, 68% of Willis’s campaign contributions came from a single source: the Back to Basics PAC, which is almost funded almost exclusively by the Mostyn Law Firm. Burton’s largest contributor for the period was Texans for Lawsuit Reform ($93K). If one were to exclude each candidate’s largest single contributor, then they both raised about the same amount for the period (Willis $235K, Burton $243K).
  • HD23: Susan Criss holds a nearly 2-to-1 lead in cash on hand and contributions for the period over Wayne Faircloth. She also outspent Fairlcloth nearly 4-to-1. Criss’s total included $100K from Amber Mostyn and $100K from the Mostyn-funded Back to Basics PAC. These two contributions accounted for 73% of Criss’s funds raised for the period.
  • HD43: Rep. J.M. Lozano has a 2-to-1 advantage in cash-on-hand over Kim Gonzalez. He out-raised her, $261K to $78K, for the period.
  • HD94: Tony Tinderholt continues to collect most of his contributions from outside the district. For the period, about 86% of his funds came from elsewhere. Cole Ballweg had a modest period, raising just $20K.
  • HD105: Rodney Anderson ($171K) and Susan Motley ($146K) both had solid fundraising periods. Anderson has about a $30K advantage in cash on hand.
  • HD107: Rep. Kenneth Sheets out-raised Carol Donovan by nearly 5-to-1, and he has a $110K advantage in cash on hand.
  • HD108: Morgan Meyer out-raised Leigh Bailey by nearly 2-to-1 and has nearly a $150K advantage in cash on hand.



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