Eighteen Texans filed declarations of intent with the Secretary of State to begin the process of qualifying for the November 2016 ballot as independents: 13 for Congress and 5 for Texas House seats:

  • CD2: William Large of Houston
  • CD4: Tony Arterburn Jr. of Rowlett
  • CD6: Greg Lamb of Mansfield and Ashley Nicole Stewart of Grand Prairie
  • CD7: Kenneth Abbott Jr. or Houston, David Farrington of Houston and John Flatten of Houston
  • CD10: Bill Malone Jr. of Austin and Michael White of Austin
  • CD15: Jane Cross of Edinburg
  • CD21: David Denton of San Antonio
  • CD30: Eric Williams of Dallas
  • CD36: Eric Goodman of Baytown
  • HD18: William Marks of Cleveland
  • HD27: Beverly Walker of Missouri City
  • HD108: Nathan Webb of Dallas
  • HD115: Paul Stafford of Addison, and
  • HD120: Laura Thompson of San Antonio.

Arterburn abandoned a 2014 run for CD4 as a Republican, Williams qualified as an independent candidate for CD30 in 2014 and received 5% of the vote. Stafford received 40% of the vote as a Democrat in the 2014 general election for HD115. These candidates are now listed in our Crib Sheets.

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