State candidates with primary opponents were required to file 30-day-out campaign finance reports on Monday. These are normally accessible online early the next morning, but today they were not available until late afternoon. We are in the process of going through the totals – most of the reports themselves remain unavailable – but we wanted to share results for those primaries we have identified as hot races.


  • Most incumbents out-raised their opponents. Exceptions included Agriculture Comm. Sid Miller and Reps. Diana Arevalo, Dennis Bonnen, Sarah Davis, Dawnna Dukes and Charlie Geren.
  • Several challengers spent more than incumbents, including Trey Blocker, Emily Cook, Susanna Dokupil and Mayes Middleton.
  • Most incumbents have more cash on hand than their opponents. Exceptions included Miller, Sen. Craig Estes and Reps. Arevalo, Dukes, Wayne Faircloth, Dan Flynn, Mary Gonzalez, Ron Reynolds and Jason Villalba.
  • Speaking of Reynolds, he filed his first campaign finance reports in nearly two years.

Please see our Crib Sheets and Hot Races page for the latest campaign finance results.

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