Pre-primary reports were due today for federal candidates on the March 6 primary ballot. These reports include contributions received and expenditures made between January 1 and February 14. Many of the reports themselves, and some of the totals, are not yet available.

We have updated our Crib Sheets with the latest numbers we could get our hands on, and we will continue to do so.

Kathaleen Wall


CD2 open: Kathaleen Wall gave herself $3.2M for the period, bringing her personal contribution to her race to $5.9M. She has raised just $32K from other sources. Wall spent nearly $4M during the first 45 days of the year, more than 13 times the amount spent by anyone else in the race. Rep. Kevin Roberts (R-Houston) raised $82K and spent $288K. He has $288K on hand, far behind Wall’s $1.6M.

CD5 open: Bunni Pounds raised $116K, putting her ahead of Rep. Lance Gooden’s (R-Terrell) $47K and former Rep. Kenneth Sheets’s (R-Mesquite) $76K.

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