Pre-primary reports were due today for federal candidates on the March 6 primary ballot. These reports include contributions received and expenditures made between January 1 and February 14. Many of the reports themselves, and some of the totals, are not yet available.

We have updated our Crib Sheets with the latest numbers we could get our hands on, and we will continue to do so.

Kathaleen Wall


CD2 open: Kathaleen Wall gave herself $3.2M for the period, bringing her personal contribution to her race to $5.9M. She has raised just $32K from other sources. Wall spent nearly $4M during the first 45 days of the year, more than 13 times the amount spent by anyone else in the race. Rep. Kevin Roberts (R-Houston) raised $82K and spent $288K. He has $288K on hand, far behind Wall’s $1.6M.

CD5 open: Bunni Pounds raised $116K, putting her ahead of Rep. Lance Gooden’s (R-Terrell) $47K and former Rep. Kenneth Sheets’s (R-Mesquite) $76K.

CD6 open: Ron Wright led the field with $81K in contributions, and he added $65K to his loan balance.

CD7: U.S. Rep. John Culberson (R-Houston) was out-raised by three Democratic candidates and nearly out-raised by a fourth one. Laura Moser ($149K), Alex Triantaphyllis ($120K) and Lizzie Pannill Fletcher ($104K) each raised more than Culberson ($94K). Jason Westin raised $84K. Culberson has a significant advantage in cash on hand, and he also has the benefit of a token primary opponent. Must of the Democrats’ resources will be spent on winning the nomination.

CD16 open: Veronica Escobar raised nearly four times as much as Dori Fenenbock, $197K to $51K, but Fenenbock narrowly outspent Escobar. Fenenbock added $50K to her loan balance.

Chip Roy


CD21 open: Chip Roy’s $172K in contributions was the most of the seven reports we’ve seen so far on the Republican side, well ahead of Robert Stovall’s $82K, Jenifer Sarver’s $74K, Rep. Jason Isaac’s (R-Dripping Springs) $62K and Bill Negley’s $53K. Joseph Kopser led the Democrats with $96K raised.

CD23: Gina Ortiz Jones out-raised Jay Hulings, $246K to $88K, in the race to challenge U.S. Rep. Will Hurd (R-San Antonio). Hulings outspent Jones, $268K to $234K. Hurd raised $117K and has $1.2M on hand.

CD27 open: Bech Bruun raised $148K and spent $180K. Both figures were in excess of $130K more than any of his opponents whose reports were available.

CD29 open: Sen. Sylvia Garcia (D-Houston) narrowly out-raised Tahir Javed, $182K to $170K, but Javed loaned his campaign an additional $400K and outspent Garcia 4-to-1.

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