Today (Thursday) was the deadline for federal candidates on the July 14 primary runoff ballot to file their pre-runoff reports. The reports disclose contributions received and expenditures made between April 1 and June 29.*

Collectively, the runoff candidates raised $6.8M during the period, of which 22% was contributed by Kathaleen Wall to her CD22 campaign.

Our federal Crib Sheet has been updated with the latest results.

Royce West


M.J. Hegar


SEN: M.J. Hegar out-raised Sen. Royce West (D-Dallas), $1.6M to $429K, and outspent him $1.1M to $390K. She has a nearly $1.5M advantage in cash on hand. For the election cycle, Hegar has out-raised West, $6.4M to $1.5M.

CD3: Lulu Seikaly out-raised Sean McCaffity, $134K to $102K, and narrowly outspent him, $94K to $86K. McCaffity has a $90K to $60K advantage in cash on hand and has out-raised Seikaly, $488K to $382K, for the election cycle.

CD10: Pritesh Gandhi narrowly out-raised Mike Siegel, $215K to $200K, but Siegel has a nearly 2-to-1 advantage in cash on hand, $171K to $93K. For the election cycle, Gandhi has raised $1.2M and Siegel has raised $843K.

CD13 open: Ronny Jackson out-raised Josh Winegarner, $487K to $290K, and outspent him, $409K to $279K. Jackson has a slight edge in cash on hand, $207K to $170K. Jackson has closed the gap on Winegarner’s overall contributions for the election cycle, trailing $1.1M to $898K.

CD17 open: Former U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Dallas) out-raised Renee Swann, $323K to $122K, but was narrowly outspent, $334K to $315K. The candidates’ contribution totals do not include  $50K in additional loan principal for Sessions or $250K in new loan principal for Swann.

Kathaleen Wall


Troy Nehls


CD22 open: Kathaleen Wall out-raised Fort Bend Co. Sheriff Troy Nehls (R), $1.5M to $98K, and outspent him, $2.0M to $94K, for the period. Wall entirely self-funded her contributions for the period, and, for the first time this cycle, reported a $1.5M loan principal. She has given her campaign almost $6M for the election cycle and has outspent Nehls by $6M.

CD23 open: Tony Gonzales II out-raised Raul Reyes Jr., $334K to $67K, and outspent him, $207K to $101K. Gonzales has a $398K to $59K advantage in cash on hand. It remains to be seen if U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R) late endorsement lifts Reyes’s fundraising down the stretch.

CD24 open: Kim Olson narrowly out-raised Candace Valenzuela, $389K to $377K, but was outspent, $396K to $279K. Olson has a $311K to $121K advantage in cash on hand.

CD31: Christine Mann raised $50K, spent $46K and had $4K on hand. Donna Imam’s report was not available at press time. She came into the period with $140K on hand.

* This of course means that their July semiannual reports, which are due the day after the runoff, will include transactions for just June 30.