Former Rep. Sylvester Turner’s (D-Houston) seat will be filled by a special election between the primary and runoff elections. Gov. Greg Abbott set the special election for May 7, a uniform election day. Early voting will begin on April 25. Turner resigned¬†on January 2, 2016, and is now the mayor of Houston. Section 203.004, Election Code provides that the special election must be held on the first uniform date occurring on or after the 36th day after the date the special election is ordered.

Candidates must file by March 7, which comes after the March 1 primary, leaving, presumably one or two candidates. Four candidates, all Democrats, filed for the office:

  • Law professor Randy Bates Jr.
  • Texas Southern Univ. Young Democrats President Jerry Ford Jr.
  • Former Houston council member Jarvis Johnson, and
  • Social worker Kimberly Willis.

Another person could conceivably file for the special election but he or she would not be able to serve past the end of the unexpired term.