Today (Sunday) was the deadline for federal officeholders and candidates to file their July semiannual campaign finance reports. For most filers, the reports cover the period from April 1 to June 30. The reporting period for candidates who faced primary runoff elections was May 3 to June 30.

Five Democratic challengers – Colin Allred (CD32), Lizzie Pannill Fletcher (CD7), M.J. Hegar (CD31), Gina Ortiz Jones (CD23) and Julie Oliver (CD25) – out-raised their incumbent opponents. Two others — Sri Preston Kulkarni (CD22) and Dayna Steele (CD36) – came close to out-raising the incumbent. Joseph Kopser (CD21) and Jana Lynne Sanchez (CD6) out-raised the Republican nominees for Republican-held open seats.

CD2 open: Republican Dan Crenshaw narrowly out-raised Democratic challenger Todd Litton, $319K to $288K, over their respective periods, and Crenshaw has a $949K to $834K advantage in contributions for the election cycle. Crenshaw defeated Rep. Kevin Roberts (R-Houston) in the Republican runoff. Litton, who did not face a runoff opponent, has a better than 4-to-1 advantage in cash on hand, $408K to $100K.

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