Today (Wednesday) was the deadline for candidates to file for the HD28, HD100 and HD148 special elections, which will coincide with the November 5 constitutional amendment election.

Seven candidates filed to run for HD28, the seat being vacated by Rep. John Zerwas (R-Richmond):

  • Anna Allred (R), Houston anesthesiologist
  • Gary Gates (R), Rosenberg real estate investor and former candidate for this seat three times, SD18 twice and RRC
  • Gary Hale (R), Katy intelligence and polygraph business owner
  • Tricia Krenek (R), Katy attorney
  • Sarah Laningham (R), Richmond salesperson and unsuccessful 2018 primary challenger of John Raney (R-College Station) in HD14 (24%)
  • Eliz Markowitz (D), Katy educator and 2018 Democratic nominee for ED7 (41%); and
  • Clinton Purnell (R), Katy logistics and customs compliance specialist.

All of those candidates had filed prior to today.

Five candidates, all Democrats, filed to run for HD100, the seat vacated by Rep. Eric Johnson (D-Dallas) when he became mayor of Dallas.

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