We emailed this to our subscribers tonight:

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Campaign finance reports were due yesterday for statewide, legislative and federal candidates.

Attached please find our latest update (No. 84-26). Highlights include:

  • Record-breaking contribution totals for Abbott, Patrick and the statewide officeholders, collectively
  • Simpson has fundraising edge on Hughes
  • Competitive fundraising results from challengers French, McNutt, Shine
  • Open seat candidates Oliverson, Roberts reveal strong fundraising efforts
  • First candidate enters race to succeed Marquez
  • Rinaldi gets $100K from Empower Texans PAC

We are working to fill in all the totals from the July semiannual and quarterly reports into our Crib Sheets. Our initial focus was on contested races. We will get the rest by the weekend.

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Update No. 84-26 PDF