The filing period is now over. It may take a few days for all the filed candidates to appear in the reporting systems, but we know most of what there is to know. Attached please find our Crib Sheets (up to date as of 9:50 p.m. today) in an Excel format that show what we know as of now. Keep in mind that our online Crib Sheets are always up-to-date when you click on them.

Also attached please find our latest update (No. 84-48). Highlights include:

  • Updated list of incumbents with major party challengers who have filed against them
  • 3 incumbents (Dominguez, Johnson, Ratliff) decline to file for re-election
  • Garcia’s challenge of Green easily the day’s biggest surprise
  • 10 file for RRC, but not necessarily the 10 observers were expecting
  • Democrats field complete roster of statewide candidates for first time since ’02
  • Several “Last Words” reacting to the day’s events

Update: We probably should have highlighted the fact that Rep. Susan King (R-Abilene) filed for SD24 today. She suspended her campaign to address health concerns and is now ready to resume campaigning.

Correction: Kevin Roberts remains unopposed in the Republican primary for HD126, but we’ve learned that a pair of Democrats filed for the seat. So he will have a general election opponent plus, potentially, minor party opponents.

Update No. 84-48 PDF