Voters in Fort Bend Co. set new records last week for straight-ticket votes cast (both Republican and Democratic). Countywide, the number of straight-ticket Democratic votes was 36% higher than the 2012 total. The number of straight-ticket Republican votes was also higher than in 2012, but the increase was less than 10%.

The resulting Democratic straight-ticket advantage over Republicans countywide was their largest since at least 1988 (the earliest year for which straight-ticket votes were separately recorded). Overall, more than three quarters of all votes cast were straight-ticket votes, the highest percentage for any of the 134 counties for which we have obtained straight-ticket data so far. It is the highest percentage we have ever seen.

As was the case in Dallas Co., the largest gains were in Republican-held House districts. Unlike in Dallas Co., these gains did not make any of the Fort Bend Co. seats competitive this year.

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