Harris Co. voters cast a record 472K straight-ticket Democratic votes in the general election, up 16% from 2012, while the number of straight-ticket Republican votes fell slightly from 2012. Democrats cut into Republicans’ advantage in all 11 state House districts won by Republicans and extended their own edge in straight-ticket voting in all but four Democrat-won districts.

Rep. Sarah Davis

Rep. Sarah

Overall, more than two out of every three votes cast in Harris Co. was a straight-ticket vote. Democrats cast 70K more of them than Republicans, leading to a Democratic sweep of countywide offices. Four years ago, fewer than 3K straight-ticket votes separated the two parties’ countywide candidates.

Despite the large increase in straight-ticket Democratic votes, all House districts that had a Republican advantage in 2012 retained it in 2016, but Democrats shaved an average of 4,300 votes off those advantages. The biggest shift occurred in HD134, where the Republicans’ straight-ticket advantage fell to just over 3K from nearly 12K in 2012.

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