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Attached please find our analyses of the SD26 and HD123 special elections. We are working on an analysis of HD17.

A few things we wanted to share with you today:

Early voting continued for the SD26, HD17 and HD123 special elections. Another 1,445 people voted in person today in Bexar Co., bringing the two-day total to 3,051. In HD17, Bastrop Co. is representing almost 60% of all votes cast in person. Another 479 voted in person today in Bastrop Co., bringing the two-day total to 843.

Candidate forums occurred in SD26, hosted by The Source on Texas Public Radio, and HD17 today.

Endorsements. The Texas American Federation of Teachers endorsed Trey Martinez Fischer for SD26 and Diego Bernal for HD123. Cathie Adams endorsed Alma Perez Jackson for SD26. Bastrop Co. Judge Paul Pape endorsed John Cyrier for HD17.

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SD26 Special Update PDF

HD123 Special Update PDF