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We do our best to bring you accurate election information as quickly as possible. Developments today and tonight moved a little faster than we did, so we have one correction and one update to items we reported earlier today.

First, the correction.

In our Update for November 19, we said Democratic SD18 candidate Christy Hawkins appeared to running for public office for the first time. We have since learned that she ran unsuccessfully for a place on the Rosenberg city council in 2013. It is her first run for state office.

Next, the update.

In an email alert earlier this evening, we said it was “not immediately clear” if Sen. Leticia Van de Putte would resign.

Van de Putte reportedly will send Governor Perry a letter tomorrow stating her intention to resign effective when a successor is elected, reports the Texas Tribune and other outlets. Doing so would preserve Senate Democrats’ ability to block legislation under the 2/3 rule, if it remains in effect.

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