Some local jurisdictions held runoff elections were held today/yesterday to decide races left unsettled after the May 7 uniform election. Runoffs of note include:

  • Conroe Mayor – Toby Powell defeated Jim Gentry, 55%-45%.
  • Conroe City Council P1 – Duane Ham defeated Tony Fuller, 58%-42%
  • Lubbock City Council D1 – Juan Chadis defeated Frank Gutierrez, 64%-36%
  • Lubbock City Council D2 – Sheila Patterson Harris defeate4d Jared Hall, 58%-42%
  • Lubbock Municipal Court Judge – Jorge Hernandez defeated Susan Rowley, 56%-44%
  • Port Arthur Mayor – Derrick Freeman defeated Harold Doucet by 80 votes, 51%-49%

Ham received 6% of the vote in the 2014 Republican primary for HD16, finishing third behind Ted Seago (44%) and eventual runoff winner Will Metcalf (42%).