Federal candidates in the state’s primary runoff elections were required to file pre-runoff campaign finance reports yesterday. These cover contributions received and expenditures made between April 1 and May 2.

CD2 open: Dan Crenshaw out-raised Rep. Kevin Roberts (R-Houston), $236K to $160K, for the period and has a slight advantage in cash on hand ($145K to $109K). Roberts narrowly outspent Crenshaw for the period, $191K to $170K. The candidates are nearly even in campaign contributions for the election cycle. Since their campaigns began, Roberts has raised $639K and Crenshaw has raised $631K.

CD5 open: Bunni Pounds narrowly out-raised Rep. Lance Gooden (R-Terrell), $142K to $122K, for the period, and she outspent Gooden, $216K to $140K. Both have around $100K on hand. Over the election cycle, Pounds has out-raised Gooden, $710K to $469K, and outspent him, $613K to $367K.

CD6 open: Ron Wright ($64K) and Jake Ellzey ($39K) raised just over $100K between them, and they spent less than $75K combined for the period. Neither candidate has raised or spent more than $250K for the election cycle, making this the least expensive key runoff race in the state.

Combined Total Campaign Contributions for the Election Cycle

$2,627,068 – CD7 Democratic (Fletcher, Moser)
$1,637,431 – CD32 Democratic (Allred, Salerno)
$1,269,931 – CD2 Republican (Crenshaw, Roberts)
$1,178,654 – CD5 Republican (Pounds, Gooden)
$1,139,467 – CD23 Democratic (Jones, Treviño*)
$1,065,092 – CD21 Democratic (Kopser, Wilson)
$878,205 – CD21 Republican (Roy, McCall)
$814,992 – CD27 Republican (Bruun, Cloud)
$590,189 – CD31 Democratic (Hegar, Mann)
$452,110 – CD6 Republican (Ellzey, Wright)

* Has not yet filed a pre-runoff report.

CD7: Lizzie Pannill Fletcher out-raised Laura Moser, $175K to $130K, for the period and outspent her, $204K to $141K. Fletcher has a $362K to $80K advantage in cash on hand. Overall, Fletcher has out-raised Moser, $1.4M to $1.2M. This is the only congressional runoff for which both candidates have raised more than $1M each, and it is, by nearly $1M, the most expensive runoff in the state.

CD21 open: Chip Roy out-raised Matt McCall, $188K to $56K, for the period and outspent him nearly 4-to-1. Roy has a nearly $150K advantage in cash on hand. For the election cycle, Roy has out-raised McCall, $731K to $147K. On the Democratic side, Joseph Kopser out-raised Mary Wilson, $61K to $26K, and he is just short of $1M raised for the cycle. Kopser has outspent Wilson by nearly $840K for the election cycle.

CD23: Gina Ortiz Jones reported $164K in contributions and has $416K on hand. Rick Treviño has not yet filed his pre-runoff report.

CD27 open: Bech Bruun narrowly out-raised Michael Cloud, $88K to $84K, and doubled Cloud’s spending ($138K to $69K). Bruun has out-raised Cloud, $547K to $258K, during the election cycle.

CD31: M.J. Hegar out-raised Christine Mann, $53K to $13K, and outspent her, $65K to $12K. For the election cycle, Hegar has out-raised Mann, $507K to $83K. Mann has raised more during the election cycle than the two Republicans vying for open CD6 combined.

CD32: Colin Allred out-raised Lillian Salerno, $173K to $69K, and outspent her, $130K to $69K. For the election cycle, Allred has outraised Salerno, $973K to $665K.

Federal candidates must disclose any contributions received after May 2 in separate 24-hour reports. State and local candidates’ runoff reports are not due until Monday, which is the day early voting begins.

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