Today (Monday) was the deadline for federal candidates and officeholders to file their year-end campaign finance reports. Our Crib Sheets have been updated with the latest numbers, at least in key primary races, and we will continue to do so as reports become available. We cover some highlights below.

Today was also the deadline for state candidates facing primary opposition to file their 30-day-out campaign finance reports. We expect these reports to become available online tomorrow (Tuesday).

Year-end Report Highlights

CD1 open (Safe R): Nathaniel Moran raised $343K and has $319K on hand, about 8 times the amounts for his nearest rival, John Porro ($40K raised, $39K on hand).

CD2 (Safe R): U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Houston) raised $2.1M and spent $1.7M for the quarter, bringing his totals to date to $9.9M in contributions and $7.1M in expenditures. He has $4.5M on hand.

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