Nine candidates have filed for the emergency special election to fill the unexpired term of former U.S. Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Corpus Christi):

  • Roy Barrera (D), also a candidate in the Democratic runoff
  • Bech Bruun (R), also a candidate in the Republican runoff
  • Michael Cloud (R), also a candidate in the Republican runoff
  • Judith Cutright (I), a Corpus Christi communications consultant
  • Eric Holguin (D), also a candidate in the Democratic runoff
  • Marty Perez (R), a Corpus Christi physician
  • Chris Suprun (I), a Dallas paramedic and “rogue elector” who flirted with a run for CD32
  • Daniel Tinus (L), also the Libertarian nominee for the general election; and
  • Mike Westergren (D), a Corpus Christi attorney who unsuccessfully ran for the Supreme Court in 2016.

Cutright, Perez, Suprun and Westergren did not file for the 2018 general election but could conceivably enter that race as a write-in candidate. Today (Friday) was the filing deadline for the special election.

Gov. Greg Abbott (R) ordered the election for June 30, citing the district’s ongoing recovery from the effects of Hurricane Harvey. Early voting will begin June 13 and run through June 26. A September runoff is highly likely. The winner would serve until January.

The special election will occur more than a month after the Democratic and Republican runoffs, which could conceivably remove two candidates from the field.

Farenthold resigned earlier this month. He originally filed for re-election but abandoned the race shortly after the filing deadline expired. His name was left off the Republican primary ballot after a brief legal skirmish.

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