Campaign Finance: Today was the deadline for state officeholders and candidates – and local candidates where required – to file their July semiannual campaign finance reports. A number of those reports’ totals were available online this evening, but several key race reports were still unavailable. We will have a complete rundown of key races tomorrow in one or more “breaking news” alerts. In the mean time, our Crib Sheets have been updated with the latest numbers available.

GOV: Gov. Greg Abbott (R) raised more than $10.9M for the period, spent $22.0M and has $28.9M on hand. Abbott’s $10.9M in contributions is the fifth highest ever reported by a gubernatorial candidate, trailing only his January 2014 ($11.6M) and July 2014 ($11.1M) semiannual reports and a pair of reports filed by 2002 Democratic nominee Tony Sanchez, who contributed $56.6M to his own campaign.

The report for Democratic challenger Lupe Valdez was not yet available.

Gov. Greg Abbott

Gov. Greg

His $28.9M war chest is his smallest in two years, and it is nearly $6.7M less than this time four years ago. However, one reason for the smaller cash-on-hand figure is a $16.2M expenditure on advertising made on June 27. Had that expenditure occurred a week later, Abbott would have broken his own record for the highest cash-on-hand figure ever reported by a Texas state candidate.

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