Wayne Christian’s margin of victory in the counties comprising SD1.

Perhaps no one is happier that the SD1 primary went to a runoff than former Rep. Wayne Christian (R-Center). In the RRC runoff, Christian won every county in SD1, besting Gary Gates, 68%-32%. Turnout in SD1 exceeded 7% of registered voters, nearly triple the statewide turnout.

Gates won the rest of the state by 5,741 votes.

In fact, the locations of several runoffs greatly benefited Christian. In addition to SD1, he won every county in HD5, HD18, HD54 and HD73, and he won Rockwall Co. and the portion of Collin Co. in HD33.


Wayne Christian’s Share of Vote in Other Legislative Runoff Counties













Christian received 62% of the vote in the counties included in these six legislative runoffs (excluding the part of Collin Co. outside HD33). Almost a quarter of the votes Christian received statewide came from these counties. He received nearly 20K more votes than Gates in these counties.

Outside these legislative runoff counties, Gates beat Christian by nearly 12K votes.

Perhaps there is one other person who may have been happier than Christian that these races went to runoffs: