Number of primary election rematches for legislative seats since 2002.

The winner of the most recent match-up is 22-13 in rematches, including a 6-1 record in 2016 and a 14-5 record since 2012. Former representatives are 6-5 in rematches against the candidates who defeated them.

In 2018, there are eight rematches of past primary races:

  • SD15: Sen. John Whitmire vs. Damian LaCroix (Whitmire won 2014 primary, 75%-25%)
  • SD31: Sen. Kel Seliger vs. Mike Canon (Seliger won 2014 primary, 53%-47%)
  • HD2: Rep. Dan Flynn vs. Bryan Slaton (Flynn won 2016 primary, 51%-49%)
  • HD47: Rep. Paul Workman vs. Jay Wiley (Workman won 2016 primary, 61%-39%)
  • HD54: Rep. Scott Cosper vs. Larry Smith (Cosper advanced to 2016 runoff with 42%, Smith missed runoff with 21%)
  • HD99: Rep. Charlie Geren vs. Bo French (Geren won 2016 primary, 58%-42%)
  • HD124: Rep. Ina Minjarez vs. Sergio Contreras (Minjarez won 2016 primary, 71%-29%); and
  • HD139: Rep. Jarvis Johnson vs. Randy Bates Jr. (Johnson advanced to 2016 runoff with 28%, Bates missed runoff with 25%).

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