Number of times U.S. presidential election turnout in Texas has dropped in consecutive election cycles.

In 1900, 22% fewer votes were cast in the presidential election than in 1896. The state instituted a poll tax in 1902, and the number of votes cast dropped 45% from 1900. Overall, the number of votes cast in the 1904 presidential election dropped 57% from the 1896 presidential election. Turnout increased every presidential election after that, but it took until 1924 for the number of votes cast in Texas to exceed the 1896 total of 545K.

Turnout has otherwise fallen four other times since then: 1936, 1956, 1996 and 2012. The first two times occurred during years in which a poll tax was assessed. The latter two times occurred much more recently. We mention it now because a potential consequence of the nominations of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is that turnout in Texas may fall for a second consecutive presidential election cycle for only the second time in state history.

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