Number of times in the last 100 years when fewer Texans voted in a presidential general election than in the previous one:

  • 1936 – 2.3% fewer voters than in 1932
  • 1956 – 5.8% fewer voters than in 1952
  • 1996 – 8.8% fewer voters than in 1992
  • 2012 – 1.0% fewer voters than in 2008

It has not happened in consecutive elections, but it could this year.

A February 2016 UT/Texas Tribune poll found that 59% of Texas voters viewed Donald Trump unfavorably. The same poll found that the other presumptive presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, was viewed unfavorably by 53% of voters. If the candidates continued to be viewed unfavorably by a majority of voters, then Texas general election turnout could decline for the second straight presidential election.