Percentage gap between respondents aged 18-29 and respondents aged 65 and older who said they were “extremely enthusiastic” about “voting in the 2018 elections,” according to the latest Univ. of Texas/Texas Tribune poll (PDF).

Younger Texans simply do not vote at the rates of their elders. Adults under 30 represented less than 10% of 2018 Democratic primary voters, less than 5% of 2018 Republican primary voters and less than 14% of the 2016 general election voters, according to an analysis of turnout in 20 populous counties by Republican strategist Derek Ryan. Voters aged 60 and older represented 44%, 56% and 33% of those electorates, respectively.

According to the UT/TT poll, respondents aged 65 and older were more than twice as likely (53% to 24%) to say they were “extremely enthusiastic” about voting in the 2018 general election. They’re more than three times as likely (46% to 16%) to say they vote in “every election” and twice as likely (40% to 21%) to say they vote in “almost every election.” They’re also more than twice as likely (65% to 31%) to say they’re “extremely interested” in politics.

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