February 17, 2015

9:10 p.m.

SD26: Menendez wins, 59-41

HD123: Bernal wins, 64-36

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9:05 p.m.

HD17: Cyrier wins, 52-48

SD26: Menendez leads, 59-41 (98% reporting). Menendez declared victory at his election watch party.

HD123: Bernal leads, 63-37 (95% reporting)

8:55 p.m.

SD26: Menendez 59, Martinez Fischer 41 (93% reporting)

HD123: Bernal 63, Previtera 37 (93% reporting)

HD13: Schubert wins, 57-43

HD17: Cyrier 54, Golemon 46 (90% reporting) — Lee Co. is out, Golemon won it in EV by 137 votes. Current deficit is 641 votes.

8:40 p.m.

SD26: Menendez 59, Martinez Fischer 41 with 80% reporting

HD123: Bernal 63, Previtera 37 with 79% reporting. Bernal tweeted, “Wow. Thank you.”

HD13: Schubert 61, Bilski 39 with 54% reporting

HD17: Cyrier 53, Golemon 47 with 41% reporting. Cyrier’s home county is still out. He took 72% in EV.

8:15 p.m.

HD13: Schubert up 63-37 after winning Washington Co. (district’s largest) in election day voting.

HD17: Cyrier up 53-47 with all of Caldwell Co. (his home) election day voting still out. He won Caldwell in EV, 72-28.

SD26: Menendez holding 60-40 lead with 25% reporting

HD123: Bernal leads 62-38 with 19% reporting

8 p.m.

HD13: Schubert wins Burleson Co. early vote, 94-6, giving him a 65-35 lead overall in early voting

SD26: Menendez 60, Martinez Fischer 40 with 12% of precincts reporting ED votes

HD123: Bernal 63, Previtera 37 with 9% reporting

7:35 p.m.

HD13: Schubert beats Bilski in her home county in early voting, 55-45, and leads overall, 57-43, with three counties yet to report, including Burleson, his home county.

HD17: With Karnes Co. still out, Cyrier leads Golemon by 191 votes through EV.

7:30 p.m.

HD17: Cyrier has a 664-vote advantage in Caldwell and Gonzales Cos. Golemon wins Bastrop Co. EV by 336 votes.

HD13: Schubert leads 58-42 in EV but Austin Co. and three others Bilski won are not in

7:10 p.m.

Early vote from Bexar Co:

Menendez 60, Martinez Fischer 40

Bernal 63, Previtera 37

3:30 p.m.

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Polls will close in Bexar and 12 other Central Texas counties in three and a half hours. Voters are choosing four new members of the Legislature in special runoff elections:

  • SD26: Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer faces Rep. Jose Menendez
  • HD13: Carolyn Bilski faces Leighton Schubert
  • HD17: John Cyrier faces Brent Golemon, and
  • HD123: Diego Bernal faces Nunzio Previtera.

We will have updated information beginning shortly after 7 p.m. this evening when early vote totals are released.

There will be at least one more special election during the legislative session. The winner of the SD26 runoff will vacate his House seat.