Houston Runoff Elections
December 12, 2015

Final Runoff Update – 10:25 p.m.

Rep. Sylvester Turner has been elected mayor of Houston, 51%-49%, over Bill King. Final vote margin is 4,082. Tu.ner wins Harris Co. by 678 votes;

In District F, challenger Steve Le defeated incumbent Richard Nguyen by 230 votes, 51.4%-48.6%

Other winners:
Karla Cisneros (Dist H)
Mike Laster (Dist J)
Mike Know (AL 1)
David Robinson (AL 2)
Amanda Edwards (AL 4)
Jack Christie (AL 5)
Chris Brown (Controller)

This is our last update of the night. See y’all on January 26 for the HD118 runoff.

10:05 p.m.

With 96% of Harris Co., 100% of Fort Bend Co. and 100% of Montgomery Co. precincts reporting:

Turner 50.8%, King 49.2% (3,504 vote margin)

Turner has gone back into the lead in Harris Co.

9:40 p.m.

With 83% of Harris Co. precincts and 100% of Fort Bend Co. precincts reporting, Turner’s lead over King has shrunk to 1,801 votes (50.5%-49.5%). King leads Harris Co., 50.4%-49.6%. Turner won Fort Bend Co., 93%-7%.

Le’s lead over incumbent Nguyen has increased to 247 votes (51.5%-48.5%)

Knox’s lead over Provost has increased to 5,278 votes (51.7%-48.3%)

9:20 p.m.

With 100% of Fort Bend Co. and 57% of Harris Co. reporting, Turner leads King by 3,909 votes (51.2%-48.8%)

In District F, Nguyen trails Le by 203 votes

Update on the other Houston races (Harris Co. only):

Dist H: K. Cisneros 54, J. Cisneroz 46

Dist J: Laster 66, Bigham 34

At-Large 1: Knox 52, Provost 48 (Provost has advantage in Fort Bend Co. but still trails overall by 3,325 votes)

At-Large 2: Robinson 53, Davis 47 (Robinson winning Fort Bend Co.)

At-Large 4: Edwards 61, Morales 39 (Edwards winning Fort Bend Co.)

At-Large 5: Christie 59, Moses 41 (Moses winning Fort Bend Co. but still trails overall)

Controller: Brown 52, Frazier 48 (Brown winning Fort Bend Co.)

9:05 p.m.

With 57% of Harris Co. precincts reporting, King continues to narrow gap against Turner. It is now Turner 50.7%-49.3% (2,373-vote margin). Turner’s lead in Harris Co. is down to 472. His margin in Fort Bend Co. is currently 1,926 with only a handful of Election Day votes counted.

Incumbent council member Nguyen now trails by 203 votes.

8:40 p.m.

With 27% of precincts reporting, King has picked up a net of around 1,800 votes, but still trails Turner by 4,767 votes (includes Fort Bend and Montgomery Cos.)

Nguyen has fallen 19 votes behind Le (50.2-49.8)

Knox has swung ahead of Provost by 1,791 votes (50.8-49.2)

8:05 p.m.

We’re waiting on Election Day numbers to come in. For reference, they did not start appearing from Harris Co. until nearly 9 p.m. on November 3.

A couple of Fort Bend Co. precincts have reported Election Day numbers, but not enough to shift any numbers.

Expect another update in about an hour.

Meanwhile, follow us on Twitter @TXElects for real-time conversation and analysis on the race.

7:35 p.m.

About 2,000 people voted early in Fort Bend Co., and 59 voted early in Montgomery Co.

Turner overwhelmingly wins Fort Bend Co., 95-5

Adding all 3 counties’ early votes together:

Turner 62,194 (52.8%)

King 55,631 (47.2%)

Fort Bend’s numbers also flip the At-Large Pos. 1 race, giving Provost a 196-vote lead over Knox.

7:05 p.m.

CITY OF HOUSTON – Early voting only

Mayor: Turner 52, King 48

F: Nguyen leads Le by 18 votes (50.2-49.8)

H: K. Cisneros 56, J. Cisneroz 44

J: Laster 67, Bigham 33

AL1: Knox 50.6, Provost 49.4

AL2: Robinson 51, Davis 49

AL4: Edwards 61, Morales 39

AL5: Christie 58, Moses 42

CONT: Brown 52, Frazier 48

Harris Co. results only (There are voters in Fort Bend & Montgomery Cos.)

5:30 p.m.

Good evening, and welcome to another night of live election returns and analysis sent directly to you. Polls close in 90 minutes in Houston and other local jurisdictions holding runoff elections today. Our focus is on Houston:

  • Mayor: Rep. Sylvester Turner (D-Houston) faces former Kemah Mayor Bill King. Turner led on Election Day, 31-25
  • Place F: Incumbent Richard Nguyen (34) faces Steve Le (40)
  • Place H: Karla Cisneros (35) faces Jason Cisneroz (23)
  • Place J: Incumbent Mike Laster (44) faces Jim Bigham (21)
  • Place At-Large 1: Mike Knox (26) faces Georgia Provost (15)
  • Place At-Large 2: Incumbent David Robinson (33) faces Willie Davis (23)
  • Place At-Large 4: Amanda Edwards (35) faces Roy Morales (17)
  • Place At-Large 5: Incumbent Jack Christie (46) faces Sharon Moses (24)
  • Controller: Bill Frazier (31) faces Chris Brown (25)

We’ll have the first update once early voting numbers are posted shortly after 7 p.m., and we expect a few sporadic updates  until the final numbers are in.

Please let us know if there is another local race around the state of interest to you, and we will keep an eye on it.

Thanks, and have a great Saturday evening!