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Attached please find our latest update. Highlights include:
  • Dewhurst goes negative with “Mother of Debt” ad.
  • Konni Burton is endorsed by Tarrant Co. Judge Glen Whitley.
  • Most of the El Paso delegation backs Cesar Blanco.
  • Baselice poll: Schofield leads Hodge by 30.
  • The open carry pastor endorses Streusand.

Also attached is our analysis of the SD4 special election, “Tea (Party) Leaves Tough to Read in Senate Special Election.” The most influential Tea Party group’s decision to recommend three of the candidates muddles the race. Brandon Creighton has a big financial advantage. Steve Toth has impressive conservative endorsements. Gordy Bunch is running against “Austin politicians [who] are all the same.” Michael Galloway is making his 7th run for the seat. The key question is, can Bunch leapfrog one of the sitting state reps to make a runoff?

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