We have analyzed the voter rosters from the February special runoff election, January special election and 2014 primaries. Democratic primary voters were the largest bloc in both the special election and the runoff election, but they shrank, as a percent of total voters, from one election to the next.

January Special Election February Runoff Election
Democratic Primary Voters 8,449 44.3% 9,279 38.8%
Republican Primary Voters 4,821 25.3% 6,929 29.0%
Non-Primary Voters 5,823 30.5% 7,720 32.3%
   Total 19,093 100.0% 23,928 100.0%

The number of Republican primary voters increased 44%, while non-primary voters increased 33. As significant as those figures were, perhaps the most telling statistic of the runoff was the considerably smaller growth in Democratic primary voters. That party’s primary voters increased less than 10% over the special election.

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